Smoke extraction window in brief

Smoke extraction windows are used to remove smoke and reduce heat from a building in the event of a fire. The primary functions of smoke extraction windows are to facilitate evacuation, prevent smoke from spreading to other areas, and aid firefighting efforts.

The construction and maintenance of smoke extraction systems are governed by laws and regulations, such as the Rescue Act, Land Use and Building Act, Act on Rescue Service Equipment, as well as the Building Product Regulation and the Decree on the Fire Safety of Buildings. In accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation, smoke ventilation hatches and windows also have their own harmonized product standard EN 12101-2, and all products must bear the CE certificate to demonstrate compliance. Product testing and production quality control are conducted by a notified body.

The following quote from the website of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency:

The CE certification is mandatory for most building products sold on the European internal market.

Through the CE certfication of construction products, the manufacturer declares the product’s characteristics in a standardized European manner… …The prerequisite for using the CE marking is that a harmonized product standard has been published for the respective product.

Mandatory CE certification

Construction products falling within the scope of harmonized standards must be CE marked in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation… …It specifies the characteristics to be determined for products on a product group basis, the requirements for quality control during manufacturing, and the information to be provided in the CE certification.

More information about the required CE marking is available on the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency’s website.

Have you ever thought about how specialty windows are manufactured?

Manufacturing of smoke extraction windows at the Saaga Windows factory in Hauho, Finland.

Saaga Smoke Ventilation Windows are manufactured in a highly modernized factory.

An electrically operated smoke ventilation window ensures functionality in emergency situations.

The Saaga Smoke Ventilation Window is equipped with an electric chain opener, allowing opening from the control center’s button near the nearest emergency exit door. The electric system provides significantly better conditions for the fire department, as they don’t have to pass through hot smoke, fire gases, or physical obstacles to reach the window. The distance from the ground floor button to the window can be several floors.

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Our smoke ventilation windows are suitable for all projects within smoke ventilation classes 1-4 (RIL 232-2020).

Although smoke ventilation windows have specific requirements, they can be customized in terms of size, glass structure, frame strength, and surface finish to suit the project. The Saaga Smoke Ventilation Window is also suitable for use alongside products from other window manufacturers.

Operations with consideration for the environment.

The well-being of the environment and sustainability are important values for us. We use domestic pine sourced from North Karelia, provided by another family-owned company. The wood is finger-jointed, with knots and other defects removed. We exclusively use PEFC- and FSC-certified wood, ensuring sustainable forest management.

For our interior windows, we also use birch, oak, ash, and beech on a case-by-case basis. We use water-based M1-classified adhesives and surface treatment agents, such as Aquaprimer 3140 and Aquatop 2600-82. Our aluminum materials are 100% recycled.

Process waters are treated in our own purification system, and all wood waste is utilized for heating in our factory.

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Comments from our valuable customers

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Saaga Windows’ products complement our company’s own range well. A positive customer experience is a fundamental requirement for our longstanding collaboration, where the reliability and flexible service of Saaga Windows are emphasized.

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Basic PropertiesPerformance LevelApplicable Standard
EfficiencyRefer to the performance declaration attachmentEN 12101-2:2003
Reliability classificationRE 100
Snow load classificationSL 0
Low ambient temperature classificationT (-5)
Wind load classificationWL 1500
Resistance to heat classificationB 300
U-value0,89 W/m2KEN 14351-1:2006+ A2:2006
G-value with standard glazing / Suncool 70/35 glass0,470,33
Sound insulation with standard glazing / Soundproof glassRw 36dB, Rw+ Ctr 31dB*Rw 43dB, Rw+ Ctr 35dB*
Air tightnessClass 4
Water tightnessE1200
Wind pressure resistanceC3