Finnish Saaga Ikkunat Ltd customizes according to your needs and manufactures dream wooden glass walls on a modern production line.

With interior windows, we bring natural light and a sense of spaciousness to a space that, functionally, needs to be divided into sections. The fundamental requirement for comfort is peace and quiet. Here at Saaga Windows, we have a solution for this too, as we can offer sound insulation solutions ranging from Rw 25-60 dB with standard options. Personal safety and fire barrier solutions are also integral parts of Saaga Interior Windows. All our interior windows feature safety glass on both sides. The frames of our interior windows are made of at least two-part laminated finger-jointed pine. The lamination effectively prevents wood from warping, twisting, and cracking.

We supply interior windows to various locations, including hospitals, schools, daycare centers, hotels, offices, reception areas, representative spaces, and meeting rooms.

VSI is a fixed interior window with sound insulation ranging from Rw 25-40dB. Its big brother, VSI 2K, offers sound insulation solutions with an Rw range of 42-49dB. VSI EI30 is a type-approved fire window with an Rw value of 46dB. The AKI model features a fixed glass and an additional opening frame. Between them, there is a dust-protected venetian blind.

ASSI is a fully opening interior window with a single frame. The window is suitable, for example, as an additional window in spaces requiring very high sound insulation, such as music classrooms and recording studios. The Cloud service hatch has a sliding glass that moves smoothly to the side and can be securely locked in place.

At Saaga Windows, we offer interior window solutions for all types of locations. We can adapt to the architect’s plans and provide even the most demanding interior window solutions, such as smart glass walls.

Operating with environmental consciousness.

Environmental well-being and sustainability are important values for us. We use domestic pine sourced from North Karelia, provided by another family-owned business. The wood is finger-jointed, with knots and other imperfections removed. We exclusively use PEFC- and FSC-certified pine, ensuring sustainable forestry.

In our interior windows, we also use birch, oak, ash, and beech on a case-by-case basis. We employ water-based M1-classified adhesives and surface treatment agents such as Aquaprimer 3140 and Aquatop 2600-82. Our aluminum materials are 100% recycled.

Our minimal process water is treated in our own purification system, and all wood waste is utilized for heating in our factory.

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Saaga Windows’ products complement our company’s own range well. A positive customer experience is a fundamental requirement for our longstanding collaboration, where the reliability and flexible service of Saaga Windows are emphasized.

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